Alive! '75 FAQ

​What exactly is Alive! ’75? 

Alive! '75 is the ULTIMATE classic KISS tribute.  This is so much more than just guys dressed in make-up and costume playing KISS songs!  Alive! '75 delivers a complete 1970s-era KISS concert experience – truly a KISS tribute unlike any other! 

In addition to a classic KISS concert experience, many of our large-room shows include other features and elements of KISS-tory that are sure to please KISS-fans.  Special guest personalities such as JR Smalling, Lydia Criss and Len DeLessio have often participated…

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Does Alive! '75 only do 1975, or is there more? 

Alive! '75 is certainly MORE than just 1975... 

Alive! '75 was born in 2015, to bring "the Alive! album to life."  Following enormous success, Alive! ’75 is now delivering an ALL NEW show, as we follow the early evolutionary path of KISS and continue to deliver a classic KISS tribute experience unlike any other! 

− SEE the BRAND NEW iconic 1976 Destroyer costumes!   
− HEAR more of the classic KISS hits you know and love!   
− FEEL like you were really there, as Alive! ‘75 recreates concert sets from early…

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What about the 1976 and 1977 stage sets? Will you recreate those too? 

The short answer, unfortunately, is "no."

We spared no expense and paid attention to every little detail in developing the 1975 stage-set when we originally brought "the Alive! album to life."  So much so, in fact, that JR Smalling himself walked our stage and told the crowd it was "like going back in time!"

But as much as we would LOVE to perform on the the late '70s stages, the fact of the matter is they are w-a-a-a-y too big to realistically recreate and present.  They were designed for, and used in…

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How is Alive! ’75 different from the other KISS Tribute bands? 

Let's face it – there are plenty of KISS tribute acts out there, and a lot of them are quite good!  Some look like the real deal.  Some sound like the real deal.  And the best one's look AND sound like the real deal.  But while they all provide some of the look and the sound, none of them provide the EXPERIENCE! 

Alive! '75 takes the KISS tribute concept to a whole new level.  Beyond delivering the look and the sound of classic KISS, Alive! '75 re-creates the the time-period, the atmosphere, the stage set…

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​Is Alive! ’75 really a live concert or some kinda of interpretive dance, broadway-esque, artsy representation of KISS? 

Make no mistake, an Alive! '75 show is a full-on, live concert experience.  This is the ULTIMATE Classic KISS Tribute!

In a small club or concert hall Alive! '75 is the "over the top" and "in your face".  A full-on sensory assault, just as you would expect of KISS in the 1970s...  LOUD, and RAW!

That said, it's true that our large-scale theater pre-show re-creation of 1970s can be a bit campy and fun.  There's no shortage of elements to tickle your senses and keep you entertained before the main concert…

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​Is there a minimum age requirement for an Alive! ’75 show? Can I bring my children? 

Subject to each individual venue's rules, an Alive! '75 show is open to all ages.  As far as Alive! '75 is concerned, children are more than welcome when accompanied by a responsible adult.  We absolutely LOVE when we see multi-generational family members at our shows. 

Be aware that some shows are explicitly 18 or 21 and over based upon the venue.  Also, please bear in mind that the show may include references to drug and alcohol use, so you are advised to use your discretion.  It's always great seeing…

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What types of venues does Alive! ’75 perform in? Where can I see Alive! ’75? 

An Alive! '75 experience is perfect in small to mid-sized theaters and concert halls (few hundred to few thousand seats); rooms that are big enough to support the full stage show, yet small enough to re-create an intimate feel.  We understand that the right sized room is another key element of the overall experience. 

Shows performed in large theater environments will generally include our 1970s Time-Warp elements, subject to each venue's capabilities.  Shows performed in clubs and concert halls are…

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How do you create such an awesome stage show? 

It's quite simple, really.  With the single exception of open flame, just about everything you see in an Alive! '75 show is real.

Nothing is fake, nothing is “cheesey.”  Nothing is just “almost right” or just “good enough” or just “close enough”...  We looked at other tribute acts that kinda do something that sorta looks like maybe it's the real thing – that was not going to work for Alive! '75. 

No cardboard boxes, no props, no reasonable facsimiles or close representations.  It's all real. 

Those are…

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How do you create the pyrotechnic effects? 

Unfortunately when it comes to live-fire pyrotechnics, we've found that many venues do not permit open flame of any type, and those that do require such high insurance protection that it generally becomes a significant financial burden on the production.  As a result, an Alive! '75 show ordinarily does not include any open flame or live-fire pyrotechnics.  Even the candles on the candelabra are stage props (though we dare you to tell the difference!). 

That's not to say that the show does not have…

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What about the fire-breathing? 

Live fire-breathing?  Oh yeah, we've got that!  But unfortunately it has proven to be especially challenging to find venues that support live fire-breathing in our Northeast region.

But fire-breathing is a key element of the show and t's not something we are willing to completely skip.  On the occasion where it is acceptable, we go with live fire-breathing (and that is the experience we prefer to deliver).  When it's not an option for a particular venue, we simulate the experience as best we can.  But let's…

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Can I get a picture with the Band? 

Are you kidding?  Of course!  Absolutely!

Subject to each individual venue's ability to accommodate, Alive! '75 generally concludes each show with a fan “meet and greet” immediately following the performance.  The Band is happy to spend as much time as necessary to speak with fans and pose for photos with anyone and everyone interested.  Bring your camera and your smile and we'll do the rest.

The Band loves to get “up close and personal” with fans (admittedly, sometimes a bit too close!), and we look forward…

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Alive! '75 On-Stage