The Making of Alive! '75

While the actual concept for Alive! '75 – A Tribute to KISS appeared spontaneously on October 5, 2013, (and transitioned to reality in record fashion), one might argue that it has roots dating back 35 years and has been simmering quietly for all that time...

Alive! '75Back in 1979, a few of the founding members built what may have been the first ever "Kiss-a-mania" tribute, and began performing in local venues in the Bensonhurst and Bay Ridge sections of Brooklyn, NY.  After a few years of modest success, the group disbanded to individually pursue alternate musical interests, though they remained very close over the years.

They continued to look forward to Halloween each year to re-live a bit of that childhood fantasy.  In 2012, the group appeared together for the first time since the early '80s for a Hardyston, NJ, Middle School benefit that rocked the town.  In 2013, the group headed down the Jersey Shore and dominated the Jenks Club Halloween bash in Point Pleasant, NJ.  With over 4,000 in attendance, they were a crowd favorite and walked-off with the $1,500.00 grand prize for Best Overall Group.

Alive! '75But it was a night on October 5, 2013, while Anthony and his wife were out enjoying a Doors tribute band performance when the original idea struck — it was good music, but Anthony felt so much else was missing.  A vision for much more was forming in his head...

"Where is the light show?"  "Why not have a realistic stage-set?"  "What about the time-period?"

Anthony's mind began to wander from the show before his eyes to a show full of potential in his head.  And while sitting there in the very same theater that would later host the Alive! '75 debut shows, a vision of a complete and powerful live concept performance of the KISS Alive! album was born.

The next few months were a blur of activity as Anthony pulled together the resources necessary to deliver what would become the Alive! '75 experience, and it quickly moved from concept to reality.  In the years following the initial Alive! album tour, the Band has explored and recreated many classic 1970s-era KISS concert experiences, and continues to deliver the Alive! album experience in limited markets.

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