The Spaceman - Anthony Russo

The year was 1979, and Anthony Russo's musical tastes were broad, ranging from classic rock to disco to the cutting edge of punk.  And as a high school kid ripe for change and hungry for self expression, Anthony found no better band that represented his interests and ideals than KISS.

Anthony - The SpacemanBeginning his musical journey at the age of 15, he met Anthony De Lucia in the 10th grade at Lafayette High School in Brooklyn, NY, and the two quickly developed a bond.  A huge KISS fan himself, Anthony (Russo) was immediately “all-in” on forming a KISS tribute Band.  There was a lot to do, and Anthony got right to work.

Anthony - The Spaceman That same year, Anthony's '79 Silver-burst Gibson Les Paul appeared under the Christmas tree.  He practiced incessantly day and night, learning every nuance of Ace Frehley’s performances as he slowly transformed himself from a typical teen to the “Spaceman”.  Over the next few years Anthony performed with his high school bandmates in a half-dozen or so KISS tribute shows.

Anthony continued playing lead guitar for some time with Code Red, an all-original punk-rock band in New York city.  But the demands of a career, a marriage and a family were building and Anthony, an avid sports enthusiast, ultimately chose to put down the guitar in order to make time for his racquet, his paddle and his hockey stick as he made more time for an active lifestyle.

Fast forward a few years and Anthony dusted off that same '79 Les Paul that had been hiding under the bed for all those years and re-ignited his obsession with Ace Frehley and the music of the KISS Alive! album.

Nowadays, Anthony pulls on those 7-inch boots and suits-up again as the Spaceman, and feeling more “ALIVE” than ever!

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