The Demon – Anthony De Lucia, Jr.

For Anthony, it's always been “all about the bass” and it all started at a very young age with his introduction to KISS and Gene Simmons...

Anthony - The DemonAs a twelve-year old boy, Anthony pulled Kiss: Alive II out of a Sam Goody record bin and immediately fell in love with KISS and Gene Simmons.  Dragging his mother to Bath Music in Brooklyn, NY,  Anthony got his first bass guitar and he learned every song on that record.  Anthony couldn't wait to get on stage and although not really ready to play publicly, he arranged to perform a lip-sync KISS concert for his Junior High School assembly with a few other wannabe musician-friends.  This was way before Milli Vanilli was a household name, and it was the beginning of Anthony's fascination with KISS, Gene Simmons, and his love for playing the bass guitar.

Anthony - The Demon Shortly after that initial show in 1977, Anthony organized what may prove to be one of the earliest "Kiss-a-mania" tribute bands in history (this was long before tribute bands were in vogue).  No longer content to simply lip-sync to a record, the "Kiss-a-mania" band performed live in and around Brooklyn for various events, including local schools, dance clubs and catering halls.  It was in these early experiences that the seed was planted that would eventually grow into what has become Alive! '75 today.

In the many years following that original "Kiss-a-mania" band, Anthony continued to play bass guitar and perform live.  There were the all original punk-rock bands in and around NYC in the late 80's.  There were a variety of cover bands and multiple sit-in appearances.  And more recently, there were a handful of worship bands in and around his current hometown of Hardyston, NJ, leading to the founding of his most recent project, Phil 'n the Void, in early 2000.

All the while, Anthony has honed his skills and style steadily over the past 25+ years.  His approach to the bass guitar may be described as balanced aggression.  Folks who have seen him performing with Phil 'n the Void will tell you that clearly, the Demon lurks within...

It's absolutely true — and with Alive! '75 – A Tribute to KISS, it's time to let him out!

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