The Catman – Joe Gillies

After his first KISS show at Madison Square Garden in February of 1977,  Joe was completely hooked. The Garden was absolutely huge and filled with sights, sounds and scents that he had never experienced before.  Joe's path as a budding musician was coming a bit clearer into focus.

Joe - The CatmanLike the other Band Members, Joe’s first band played nothing but KISS songs (though "School’s Out" by Alice Cooper somehow snuck into the set).  They regularly "toured" the backyard party circuit.  And even without the makeup, costumes or special effects, it was still a thrill to be playing the music of his heroes.  Since then, Joe has spent many a Halloween, as well as any opportunity that presented itself, wearing the makeup of either Peter Criss or Paul Stanley.

Joe - The Catman Playing in a number of bands beginning with his high school years and continuing throughout his lifetime has lead to a personally rewarding career in music.  Joe has had several close calls with the national scene, including *almost* gigging with the legendary Chubby Checker in the eighties and then later gigging with the *almost* signed original band The Frogmen.

These days,  Joe can regularly be found behind the drums for the New Jersey based band Virgin Vinyl. He also stays busy recording with an original band called Jonnie Dog and the Dingos, filling in for various local bands and playing on occasion with his brother-in-laws in The Dazzling DelRays.  The Dazzling DelRays play both locally in their native Naples, Florida as well as at events across the country, and as you might imagine, all of these musical projects keep Joe's calendar pretty full!

But full as it may be, the opportunity to play the role of The Catman in Alive! ’75 was something Joe was not about to miss!  This fulfills a lifelong dream and Joe consistently brings his experience, enthusiasm and energy to the stage for every performance. The Catman is on the prowl and you are certain to hear him roar with Alive! '75 — A Tribute to KISS!

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