Key Milestones


October 5:  The "vision" for Alive! '75 is born, as Anthony, Alive! '75's founder and Demon, attends an arguably "lacking" Doors tribute performance in Newton, NJ.

October 8:  Alive! '75 concept presented to Sussex County Community College, for consideration of inclusion in their 2014/2015 season.

October 26:  Alive! '75 Band members dominate the Jenks Club Halloween bash in Point Pleasant, NJ – with over 4,000 in attendance, they easily walk-off with the $1,500.00 grand prize for Best Overall Group.

November 23:  Alive! '75 rehearsals commence.



February 14:  Deal struck with Sussex County Community College to co-sponsor the Alive! '75 performances planned for November, 2014.

April:  Alive! '75 commissions construction of an exact, albeit modern replica of the iconic 1975 illuminated KISS logo.

August:  Just three months prior to showtime, Joe Gillies replaces Albert Rager as the Catman and comes aboard with an obsession to completely replicate Peter Criss' parts on Alive!.  Joe painstakingly transcribes the drum charts for every song on the album and the Band instantly recognizes the music is suddenly coming ALIVE!

November 7 & 8:  Alive! '75 brings the Alive! album "TO LIFE" in their debut performance. The event includes an immersive 1975 time-warp "pre-show" that takes attendees back in time through a combination of poster-art, audio/visual media, sights, smells and live actors depicting the period. The show is unlike any KISS Tribute show before it.  This initial engagement was to be a one-time concept show.


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