How do you create the pyrotechnic effects?

Unfortunately when it comes to live-fire pyrotechnics, we've found that many venues do not permit open flame of any type, and those that do require such high insurance protection that it generally becomes a significant financial burden on the production.  As a result, an Alive! '75 show ordinarily does not include any open flame or live-fire pyrotechnics.  Even the candles on the candelabra are stage props (though we dare you to tell the difference!). 

That's not to say that the show does not have pyrotechnic effects.  On the contrary, through the magic of modern technology we are able to reasonably simulate pyro-effects and flash-pot explosions by using cryo-technology and synchronized light and sound effects. The room-rattling experience is very cool and we expect you will be pleasantly surprised! 

Alive! '75 provides the complete, ULTIMATE classic KISS experience.