​Is Alive! ’75 really a live concert or some kinda of interpretive dance, broadway-esque, artsy representation of KISS?

Make no mistake, an Alive! '75 show is a full-on, live concert experience.  This is the ULTIMATE Classic KISS Tribute!

In a small club or concert hall Alive! '75 is the "over the top" and "in your face".  A full-on sensory assault, just as you would expect of KISS in the 1970s...  LOUD, and RAW!

That said, it's true that our large-scale theater pre-show re-creation of 1970s can be a bit campy and fun.  There's no shortage of elements to tickle your senses and keep you entertained before the main concert event. 

But once the time, the place and the mood is set in the theater, the real excitement begins.  The curtain goes up and it gets real loud!  You won't believe your eyes – or your ears! 

Those Ampeg and Marshall stacks aren't props – they're not there just for show.  They're delivering an explosive amount of guitar and bass.  And those drums are HUGE.  Alive! '75 is live and loud and in your face – just as KISS back in the 1970s!  Hang on tight and enjoy the ride!

Alive! '75 – the ULTIMATE classic KISS tribute!