​What exactly is Alive! ’75?

Alive! '75 is the ULTIMATE classic KISS tribute.  This is so much more than just guys dressed in make-up and costume playing KISS songs!  Alive! '75 delivers a complete 1970s-era KISS concert experience – truly a KISS tribute unlike any other! 

In addition to a classic KISS concert experience, many of our large-room shows include other features and elements of KISS-tory that are sure to please KISS-fans.  Special guest personalities such as JR Smalling, Lydia Criss and Len DeLessio have often participated in our shows.  You might find a "pop-up" KISS-Mart featuring quality KISS merchandise by the KISS Museum.  Perhaps chat with Matt Porter of "THE KISS ROOM" – and more!

Alive! '75 full-scale theater productions also include a mid-70s pre-show environment, complete with poster art, audio-visual displays, sensory stimulation and live experiential actors.  And it's not uncommon to find an Emcee with a decidedly mid-70s vibe welcoming patrons and setting the mood for the main event.  By the time the curtain goes up you will be completely surrounded by the 1970s – and then the fun REALLY begins!

Truly a KISS tribute unlike any other.  There is so much more to Alive! '76 – this is the ULTIMATE classic KISS tribute!