Does Alive! '75 only do 1975, or is there more?

Alive! '75 is certainly MORE than just 1975... 

Alive! '75 was born in 2015, to bring "the Alive! album to life."  Following enormous success, Alive! ’75 is now delivering an ALL NEW show, as we follow the early evolutionary path of KISS and continue to deliver a classic KISS tribute experience unlike any other! 

− SEE the BRAND NEW iconic 1976 Destroyer costumes!   
− HEAR more of the classic KISS hits you know and love!   
− FEEL like you were really there, as Alive! ‘75 recreates concert sets from early 1976 and 1977 tours!   

You can also expect deep cuts and fan favorites to find their way into shows as Alive! ‘75 continues to strive to deliver the most complete and enjoyable classic KISS experience for the fans.

And who knows...  Perhaps we'll see some 1977 Love Gun or some 1982 Creatures suits in the future!  Oh yeah, we've got more surprises in store!

Alive! '75 – the ULTIMATE classic KISS tribute!