The Starchild – Bobby Wolfe, Jr. (2020-2021)

At the young age of three, Bobby was introduced to the vocal stylings of the Jackson 5, Donny Osmond and David Cassidy.  These early artists were key influences until his school-age years where where classmates promptly introduced him to the explosive experience of Kiss Alive II.

Bobby - The StarchildKISS immediately took hold as his favorite band, and from that point on Bobby moved from writing love letters to Olivia Newton-John to strapping on a pretend guitar and imagining himself as Ace Frehley in his bedroom mirror.

Then came the KISS dolls, the KISS posters and drawing the KISS logo on everything from school binders to church parking lots.  Bobby got his first real guitar at age 14.  Early influences included George Lynch, Angus Young, Gary Moore and Eddie Van Halen in addition to Ace Frehley and KISS.  His musical journey then took an unusual path when he was bitten by the show-tune bug and he moved on to his first love...Bobby - The Starchild

As a postgraduate of New York City's Juilliard School of Music, musical theater had always been a love of Bobby's.  For over 20 years he has toured the world, starring in major productions from Aida to Xanadu. There was even a starring role as Munkustrap in Cats.  Bobby felt right at home under the broadway lights –that is until he starred in the lead role of Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar...

At that point his inner rockstar flame began to flicker.  Bobby began to think about new opportunities and a way back into rock and roll, in some capacity.

It all came together by chance when Bobby ran into a former member of Alive! '75 who mentioned the Starchild opportunity.  Following an initial meeting with the Band, an audition and a callback Bobby's dream came true.  He has always considered KISS to be one of the greatest bands of all time and certainly the greatest live band in history.  Similarly, he's always considered Paul Stanley to be one of the top-five greatest frontmen of all time. It's a monumentally tough act to follow, but Bobby is determined to bring the '70s Starchild to life with Alive! '75.

As a semi-retired actor, and in addition to his Alive! '75 efforts, Bobby continues to focus his attention on various musical endeavors which include solo acoustic work and an 80's cover-band venture.  He also continues to act in local theater and works on the  NJACT Perry Awards Committee.  Bobby continues to consult for local theaters in the areas of direction, set-design and construction and vocal performance delivery.

Even though the theater has taken him from Broadway to Australia to Los Angeles and everything in between, getting to perform as the Starchild in the ULTIMATE Classic KISS Tribute is like a dream come true!

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